Cloud and Advanced Networked Systems

Computer systems are nowadays designed as networks of interacting components, at all levels from multi-processor hardware systems, to distributed applications, running over cloud platforms, themselves implemented over network infrastructures, etc. Concurrency and distribution are actually ubiquitous in computer systems, allowing to offer new services and to continuously push their performance limits. In particular, the cloud computing paradigm has made our storage and computing capacity virtually unbounded. However, this raises a tremendous number of hard issues related to computation reliability, safe and efficient data manipulation, security and privacy, performances, etc.

The “Cloud and Advanced Networked Systems” (CANS) center at UM6P aims at developing a high quality education and research environment on this challenging and rapidly changing domain. It promotes collaborations with industry on cutting-edge research and education.

The CANS center contributes to the undergraduate program as well as to the doctoral program of UM6P-CS, and offers an Executive Master for advanced training of working professionals who want a program that works with their busy schedule.

CANS gathers PhD students and researchers working on various topics related to the domain of Cloud Computing and Networked Systems, addressing both fundamental and applied aspects. The research topics addressed in the center include:

  • Distributed Computing, Concurrent and Parallel Computing
  • Networked Embedded Systems, IoT systems, Drones
  • Decentralized Machine Learning, Recommender Systems
  • Blockchain, Peer to Peer Computing Systems, Reputation Mechanisms
  • Reliability and Automated System Design